Basketball is constantly evolving. Today, the game is as fast and competitive as it’s ever been. Players at any position can play all positions and the result is that technique and training style has been shared to maximize the skills of upcoming generations. The journey to becoming a stand out basketball player is a challenging one that requires hard-work, sacrifice and commitment. It requires most young players to reshape their current understanding of the sport and the work that comes along with success. The greatest players to date have all spent and still spend time in training camps mastering the game. Off season training is a requirement for players who want to reach their highest potential.

Team85 Basketball Academy is the premier skill & position development program in Burlington & Mercer County. Our 4-month program that runs August – November provides elite level training for competitive high school players. In terms of speed, knowledge, and drills, our program is equivalent to collegiate level training programs. It is the best option to prepare committed players for D1, D2 or D3 level basketball. Our players spend the summer and fall forming becoming stronger & smarter athletes, and accomplishing their individual position goals. Team85 Basketball Academy is designed to transform players to next level athletes.

We enlist the best experts and motivators to not only take these athletes to the next level within this program but our platform prepares our players for academic success, recruitment, emotional maturity, leadership development and overall life skills that lead to success. You, your child or your player will benefit tremendously from this program and they will have a memorable time working toward their goals. We look forward to having you a part of the team.


Coaching is the cornerstone of all great programs and players.

  • Devon Still
  • Patrick Anderson
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Charles Smith


  • Our professional Coaching Staff
  • Our program is hosted in our 45,000 sq. ft. climate controlled facilitywith 2 full courts and training space
  • Our program offers over 85 supervised workouts boasting over 250 hours of coaching
  • Ball handling, shooting, change of speed, direction, footwork, defensive court awareness, passing, communication, game knowledge, leadership development, player impact
  • Our sports performance program – Train Like the Pros (TLP) – is included
  • Our program includes specialized tracks designed to improve player development, mentorship opportunity and recruitment guidance
  • Opportunity to benefit from on-site scrimmages
  • Access to automatic shot trainer (gun) by ShootAway

Basketball Academy (Training Program); January – July – $750
Monthly financing available


  • Learn the fundamental skills and technique necessary to succeed at a varsity level
  • Learn transitioning and adaption skills that will serve you throughout your career
  • Prepare and grow through challenging and competitive atmosphere
  • Develop a meticulous focus to detail
  • Develop a blue-collar work ethic
  • Develop skills necessary for early collegiate play
  • Prepare for outside camps
  • Point Guard: Ball Handling, Passing, Court Vision, Decision Making, Reading Defenses, Live Game Play
  • Shooting Guard: Art of the Shot, Getting Open, Floor Positioning, Movement, Art of the Assist, Defensive Positioning
  • Forward/ Center: High Post Moves, Low Post Moves, Attacking the Rim, Passing, Rebounding, Defensive Positioning, Scoring

Every player will undergo a series of sports performance training designed to develop their:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Jumping Ability
  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Strength

Players will undergo training designed to help them improve

  • Endurance
  • Breathing
  • Stamina
  • Momentum
  • Diet/ Nutrition
  • Sleep

Drills must be a step or sequence of steps in the progress of the overall scheme. Breaking down the whole scheme and teaching it in smaller pieces so that the players can perform each of the small steps needed to make the scheme work is a most critical aspect of each drill.

Developing a confident, encouraging and competitive mentality to match their physical skills will improve the ability of the players to perform. The more well-rounded a player becomes the more game time they will see.

  • Strategy – How to play the game
  • Study Techniques
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Tough Decision Making
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills

Having emotional maturity allows the student-athletes to have perspective and to deal with adversity. In life, the ability to deal with adversity and to put things in proper perspective will allow them to overcome obstacles. These things will also have a positive impact on the basketball court.

  • Clear Expectations
  • Open Lines of Communication
  • Discipline
  • Clear Accountability

We believe a player’s education is the most important thing that they can obtain in their lives. An academic support program will be developed, run, and maintained where students can receive help in any academic classes in which they may be struggling. Many times, poor grades are a result of tardiness and/or absences. A strict attendance policy will be enforced. Missing class will be counted as missing a practice with appropriate discipline for each transgression. Developing good academic skills is a priority in the program.

  • S.A.T Prep

Our S.A.T. prep program will offer many tools to help prepare our athletes for success. To include in-depth study groups, practice test, subject breakdown. Powered by CollegeBoard and KhanAcademy. The College Board’s test developers and the online learning experts at Khan Academy worked together to bring you Official SAT Practice.



4am – 11pm

6am – 8pm


Please contact Program Director to set up your consultation and answer any sports training related questions.

P: 609-298-8585




4am – 11pm

6am – 8pm