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Fall Back to Fitness – The Story of How Team85 Changed My Life

I sat on the couch, drowning in potato chips and Dr. Pepper. Not only was I destroying myself physically, but I was also wrecking myself mentally. For my entire life, I turned to unhealthy food in an attempt to distract myself from my insecurities. I didn’t even realize the damage that was being done until it was too late. With each passing day, I sunk deeper and deeper.

By my freshman year of college, I weighed over 200 pounds. I was at a point in my life where I was in absolute need of change. In the moment, it felt like everything was falling apart, but little did I know, it was about to fall together.

I remember the day where I walked into Team85 for the first time. I sat down at a table, more nervous than I’ve ever been. The inviting nature of everyone around me seemed to quiet my anxious thoughts, but my mind was still in overdrive. A smiling face joined me at the table, and I knew then that there was no looking back.

I was hired that day in the cafe. An opportunity of a lifetime was dropped right into my lap. Something told me that this wasn’t going to just be a job. This was going to change me for the better.

Working here, I had full access to the amenities, so I decided to sign up. Any type of change is easier said than done, but I knew in my mind that I needed to do this. My first workout was hard, but I kept coming back for more. When using a machine, I was out of breath within ten minutes. I struggled, I fought, and I cried. A lot. I typically don’t discuss that part of my journey, but my low points are what helped shape me today.  There were times where I wanted to give up completely and lapse back into my old ways, but I kept pushing forward.

About a month into my journey, I stepped onto the scale. 10 pounds down. It seemed almost impossible to me. It felt unreal. Over time, the results became addictive and I wanted to do more. So, I did.

Walking turned into jogging, and jogging turned into running. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was breaking down barriers that have been there my entire life. When I ran, I imagined myself propelling forward, leaving my past behind.

Sore muscles, aches and pains. It reminds me that I’m making progress each and every day. I look up, take a deep breath, and keep telling myself that I’m going to be okay. As I sweat and jump through obstacle after obstacle, I realize how strong I have become. A year and a half later, I have said goodbye to 70 pounds. The fight was worth it.

I get asked a lot how I did it, and a big part of my success was my surroundings. I was around people who wanted to hear my story, and most of them watched it all unfold in front of their eyes. My advice to anyone is to never be ashamed of your story. Use it to empower others in your life and beyond. The most beautiful part about my journey is that I was never alone.  As a company, we inspire each other and help each other grow. When it comes down to it, we all have goals, and eventually, we reach them. Together.

By: Jessica Farrell