Self Defense Class for Adults and Kids


Shaolin 3 Warriors San Da, is a martial arts training academy led by professionally trained instructors with over 45 years of combined marital arts experience.

The instructors are dedicated to providing the highest quality of martial arts training. Using progressive teaching methods and a lineage that can be traced back to Ancient History of the Shaolin art, the fighting systems are effective and designed to improve the physical and mental conditioning of the practitioners.

These systems are not commonly taught on the east coast and as a result, Team85 will be one of the few locations where training for the Shaolin system takes place.


San Da/San Shou is a military based fighting art originating in the Chinese Orient. The system includes tactical techniques taking from various Chinese martial art systems and prepares practitioners to learn an become proficient in self defense in a shorter time period.

It is a full contact combat sport that uses a broad range of fighting techniques such as boxing, Chin Na, Chinese Kick-Boxing, and Chinese Wrestling.


Our Shaolin system, kown as the Five Family / Five Animal system, can be traced back to Ancient China. This five family system teaches combat skills, self-defense, a calm mind and helps students to find balance in their life.

In addition, we also provide training in the style of Hung Gar which incorporates the five animals into one system designed for fighting multiple opponents.


Sifu Curtis Diaz

MMA, Sand Da

A native of Trenton, NJ Sifu Curtis Diaz started martial arts training in the styles of Shotokan Karate under Master Kisaka. Sifu Diaz then went on to train under Sifu Rick Tucci, where he trained in the styles of Jeet Kune Do (Jun Fan Gung Fu), Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), and Kali Eskrima (Filipino Martial arts). While training under the tutelage of Sifu Rick Tucci, Sifu Diaz also had the privilege to train annually and receive certification under Guru Dan Inosanto and Ajarn Chai.

Sifu Diaz began studying more traditional styles of Kung Fu. He met Sifu Louis Diaz, who for the past 24 years has been training Sifu Diaz in the arts of the Five Animal, Five Family Kung Fu, Hung Gar, and full contact San Da (San Shou). Sifu Diaz has the honor of being a Yup Sut Dai Gee (Inner chamber disciple) under Sifu Louis Diaz. Sifu Diaz is also the first student under Sifu Louis Diaz to become a Sifu in Southern styles of Kung Fu and San Da.

Sifu Diaz is the owner and CEO of Shaolin 3 Warriors San Da and is also a Sifu at Shaolin Academy of Kung Fu. Sifu Diaz provides instruction in the styles of Shaolin Five Animal Five Family Kung Fu, Hung Gar Kung Fu, and San Da (San Shou). Additionally, Sifu Diaz has coached numerous students to become national and international champions in full contact fighting and Lei Tai.

Sifu Diaz is currently being trained in the internal style of Xing Yi Quan under the instruction and mentorship of Sifu Jamal Rashad El. Recognizing that mental and spiritual training is just as significant as physical preparation. Sifu Diaz has developed his relationship with Sifu Jamal through which he has gained spiritual guidance, knowledge, a friend, and a father figure. Under the wing of Sifu Jamal, He has not only learned what it takes to become a better fighter, but also a better instructor. Sifu Diaz feels blessed to have witnessed the inspiring legacy and quintessential leadership of Sifu Jamal.