Wellness Classes


Our Wellness classes incorporate the fluid motion, flexibility, and the core strengthening. Instructors provides a low impact workout that combines flow, posture, and dexterity to ensure a mindful workout. The classes are a perfect blend of deep muscle toning, stretching, and balancing. It is a structured, easy-to-follow total body workout.


This multi-level class focuses on linking breathwork (pranayama) with hatha yoga postures through the fluid, flowing sequences. Emphasis is on lengthening and strengthening your total body from head to toe. A great way to end your workday… breath, sweat, stretch, and core all rolled up in one class. Some yoga experiences are preferred, and modifications are always offered. Come and give it a try.

wellness classes


This class will introduce simple meditation techniques, such as concentration and breath awareness to cultivate mindfulness.  Science has proven that regular meditation can have powerful long-lasting effects. Meditation helps to activate our rest-and-digest system and begin the process of ushering our body back to a more natural and calm state. Our body begins to heal and grows stronger and more resilient. Discover our unique classes and experience the beauty of meditation.

wellness classes


Pilates is a great way to work your core and improve total body conditioning without placing stress on your joints. Great for all fitness levels; instructors can modify or intensify each exercise to adapt to all individuals and levels.

wellness classes


Join us for an amazing restorative stretch class. We will guide you through slow, light to deep stretches. Your practice will focus on breathing, heart space, and relaxation of your body. You are guaranteed to leave this class feeling peaceful and light.

wellness classes