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About Team85

The game starts with the vision of our Leader and CEO Kevin Johnson, a retired NFL wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns. He learned from firsthand experience that quality equipment and training has significant impact on performance, and separates good athletes from great ones. Outside of the NFL, these two fundamental ingredients retain their importance and can help people of all fitness levels accomplish their health and wellness goals.

Before the NFL, Johnson had no access to top of the line trainers, professional fitness programs, or state of the art equipment. This contrast of experience inspired our CEO to provide professional grade fitness resources at an affordable price for Burlington and Mercer county. Johnson believed that an organization with these provisions would allow members to accomplish extraordinary fitness goals, allow families to exceed their wellness expectations and would help the community grow healthy as a team. With careful planning, and by leveraging his access to professional trainers, coaches, and management Johnson’s idea came to fruition and Team85 Fitness and Wellness was born.


Club Overview

Team85 Fitness & Wellness is more than just a gym. We are a comprehensive service provider, a ONE-STOP SHOP for all your fitness, sport, family, and lifestyle needs.


We serve as a key community resource that brings neighbors and families closer together by making our space accessible to everyone. We offer programs for all ages, all fitness levels and all unique needs. We provide childcare, sports leagues, aquatics, camps, event space, and access to over 100 group workout classes and much more.


Members experience our supportive community and build confidence while exercising their body and nurturing their mind. By combining a support system, team culture, personal and group training options, and access to a modern state of the art facility, we help our members realize their true potential. We are committed to bringing you the best services the fitness industry can offer in an effort to help you achieve your fitness goals. With Team85 – You Win!


Club Amenities

Centrally located between Burlington and Mercer Counties our 120,000 square feet, state of the art facility features all the amenities of a modern fitness center. With Team85 – You Win!

A Dream. A Desire. A Vision

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Some Reviews From Our Trusted Clients

Based on 234 reviews.
November 19, 2021.
Great gym you can always have room to do your workouts and it's just amazing.
Heidi Schmidt
October 21, 2021.
I joined this fitness center a few months ago & can not be happier. I used to be a fitness instructor so trust me when I say these instructors do an amazing job every week!
Julio Macario
September 16, 2021.
Visited recently for free guest days. Clean place. Lots of machines. Staff was friendly
Motherhood with Monica
July 5, 2021.
GREAT CHILDCARE, great staff (so welcoming when you walk in), high quality machines except they NEED MORE CABLE MACHINES (took one star off for this). I always have to wait so long for access even not at peek times.
renee maass
June 27, 2021.
Dom Stockton-Rossini
June 26, 2021.
Marie Trudeau
June 19, 2021.
Laysa Callahan
June 15, 2021.