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Aquatic Classes

Sign up for the best aquatic fitness classes to get you in shape while staying in the pool. Aquatic classes are offered near you. Call now and join Team85 Aquatics!


Jump into shape with our fun GroupX Aquatics Fitness classes! Aquatic fitness classes offer low impact highly effective group fitness options by combining the buoyancy and resistance properties of water with a balanced cardio, strength, workout. Our highly skilled aquatics group fitness instructors offer a variety of options and formats allowing you to make a splash while getting fit and having fun

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Adult Swim Lessons

Team85 Fitness & Wellness Center provides Adult Instructional Swimming Lessons. This program proves successful thanks to our modern and easy, learn-at-your-own-pace swim program. Developed for older teens and adults, we know how important swimming is for safety, skill, and recreation, and enjoy working together to help everyone learn safe and effective


Children Lessons

The best time for a child to start learning swim basics is between the ages of 1 and 4. We include parent/child infant classes in our Aquatics Swim Lesson Program, allowing parents to help coach young children in the earliest stages of swim, encourage a lifelong love of water and learning, and systematically progress swim lessons through a series guided by both ages and stages of safe swim skill development.

Fitness Classes are in 6 week sessions
Swim Lesson are 12 week session
Parent & Baby Classes are 8 week sessions
Lane reservations are available on our app

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