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Fostering a total mind/body connection through breathing, increased muscle tone, strength, and balance. Our Ageless classes are a great way to work your core and improve total body conditioning without placing stress on your joints. Great for all fitness levels; instructors can modify or intensify each exercise to adapt to all individuals and levels.


Cycle Easy Rider is designed with both newer and gentler riders in mind. This Focused Fusion Based Cycling Class helps to introduce riders to the structure and exertion of Team Cycle. This class offers flats and hills, this ride gives a cardiovascular workout with opportunities to work on personal strength and power at your level.

An extended warm-up and cool-down period, with plenty of cues and modifications to help tailor your ride to you. This is the Team Cycle class build with everybody in mind. Come in and give it a try!

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We created a challenging and super fun class using different positions and movements on and with the stability ball to enhance your balance while strengthening your whole body. You will build up a sweat and have some laughs at the same time.

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The perfect stretch for everybody. This class uses a small ball for myofascial release, followed by stretching for the entire body. Balance your workout routine with flexibility training for reduced risk of injury and enhanced sports performance Perfect for every level of exercise.

team85 ageless classes


Senior yoga offers all the same benefits as other yoga classes: fostering the mind/body connection through mindful breathing, increased muscle tone, strength, balance and coordination, improved posture, and better flexibility, not to mention the social benefits of friendship with teachers and fellow students.

team85 ageless classes


Come in, get fit, and have fun with this cardio strength and tone program. This class focuses on several pillars of health and wellness at once. Cardio sections will keep your heart pumping and your lungs working as you build heat and burn calories while strengthening sections will focus on building lean muscle mass in all major muscle groups through the utilization of weights, bands, body resistance, and more! Sweat! Smiles! Success!

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