Strength Training

Strength Training For Everyone!

Strength training programs at Team85 Strength Classes help you lose weight while also increasing your strength and endurance. You’ll get a full-body workout that targets the hips, thighs, seat, abdominal muscles, and arms. To tone and condition muscles while the increased metabolic rate for faster fat loss, some sessions use barbells and adjustable weights. All levels of strength and fitness are welcome.

Strength-building workouts are designed to enhance everyday functioning skills by way of improved balance, strength, flexibility, and agility. These classes encourage progression through resistance as your muscles grow stronger. Strength training is the only type of exercise that may help you maintain muscle and metabolism as you age.



What To Expect: The Original Barbell Class™ is the ideal exercise for anyone wanting to lose weight, tone up, and get fit – fast.


Level: Moderate to Expert


Intensity: Medium to High


Targets:Total-body exercise that uses light to moderate weights and lots of repetition. It can burn up to 400 calories in a single session.

Les Mills CORE

Les Mills CORE strength training

What To Expect:LES MILLS CORE™ is a scientific core workout for astounding core tone and sports performance inspired by elite athletic training methods. You build strength, stability, and endurance in the muscles that support your core, improve balance, aid injury prevention, and perform better at everything you do as a result of this program.


Level: Moderate


Intensity: Medium to High


Targets: Abs, Glutes, & Legs. Improves Posture.

Team Strength

team strength training

What To Expect: Team85 provides Team Strength Training to everyone. Each workout includes mobility exercises, strength training, and HIIT-style conditioning – all of which may be adjusted to each person’s skill level.


Level: Beginner Friendly


Intensity: Low to High


Targets: Strength & Mobility


barre strength training class

What To Expect: The Barre dance class is a form of exercise based on ballet, yoga, and Pilates. It emphasizes low-impact, high-intensity movements that target specific areas of your body in ways not achievable through other workouts.


Level: Moderate to Expert


Intensity: Medium to High


Targets: Core, Arms, Legs, & Glutes